Diocese of Winona Employment


High School Teaching/Religion

Lourdes High School @ Rochester posted on Tue, May 21

Apply until: 2019-06-21

Selection Criteria:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and appropriate State licensure for the area(s) of teaching for which contracted.

Position Summary:

To develop materials and lesson plans; conduct instruction; regularly evaluate instructional materials for grade appropriateness; and continually assess student development and performance.

To regularly meet and communicate with parents, guardians, responsible adults, and/or students to ensure everyone's clear understanding of that student's or students’ overall performance in terms of strengths, weaknesses, progress and potential in addition to any other observable characteristics, abilities or challenges that are affecting performance.


                                                                             Key Functions and Essential Accountabilities


  • Design and implement a curriculum plan tailored and appropriate to the subject area(s) for which responsible.  
  • Review, select and adopt or modify materials and resources that are consistent with the advancement of the overall curriculum plan.
  • Participate and contribute actively in site educational and related programming to help ensure a broad based experience for students. Performing
  • Demonstrate faith leadership. 
  • Instruct students in a manner that consistently incorporates best teaching practices.
  • Establish and sustain positive, mutually-respectful and appropriate relationships with students in all settings.
  • Maintain various required records and data according to established policies and procedures, ensuring the accuracy and timely availability of such information as needed.


  • Assess regularly and evaluate results being achieved through current teaching practices as the primary basis for 1) ongoing instructional planning; 2) determining student progress, grading, reporting and 3) reinforcing students’ outstanding contributions and performance.  
  • Assess regularly one’s own professional development needs including the necessary planning and strategies to satisfy those needs.

      Work Relationships

  • Develop and maintain collaborative, productive work relationships with colleagues, students, parents and any other individuals in a position to meet student needs and advance their growth, development and achievement.

      Supervising / Work Directing

  • Provides work direction to paraprofessionals and volunteers.

       Competencies and /or Values Common to All Positions

  • A clear and demonstrated commitment to vision, mission and values of the Rochester Catholic Schools.
  • Compliance with all established RCS policies, protocols and procedures.
  • Careful and secure treatment of all information and data, with particular emphasis on that information and data designated confidential.
  • Interest and willingness to seek opportunities for continuing education and development appropriate to one’s position in the organization.

      Typical Working Environment

  • Work is typically performed in an inside, temperature controlled environment. However, as part of a teacher’s professional responsibility, some outside duty time is scheduled.         

      Typical Physical Requirements for This Position

  • There is some lifting and movement of materials and equipment from time to time, usually <30 lbs.