The Millennial Church Conference

The statistics are staggering:

- 80% of Millennials who were raised Catholic stop practicing their faith by the age of 23.

- 15% of Millennial Catholics attend mass on a weekly basis.


The Millennial Church Conference is a response of a few Catholic young adult ministers wanting to equip more Catholic leaders in dioceses, parishes, and organizations to engage the Millennial generation.

The Millennial Church Conference helps leaders in parishes and dioceses effectively create communities that understand, empower, and connect with young adults. Nearly every leader in the parish has a role to play in this vision and we provide principles, language, and vision for how every member of the parish or diocese can work to reach the next generation.

  • Understand: You will learn about the fundamentals of evangelization in a Millennial context, the common characteristics of this generation, and the unique and diverse challenges facing them today.
  • Empower: You will walk away empowered by new strategies, a new understanding, and a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Connect: You will connect with other leaders in your area while learning how to connect young adults to your parish, even if you aren’t a millennial.

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