Youth Ministry and faith formation



FIRE Meetings

The mission of FIRE is to promote collaboration and offer support to the faith formation and youth ministry coordinators in our diocese.  All faith formation and youth ministry coordinators and their volunteer leaders are welcome to attend.  We wrapped up this year's FIRE Meetings with a retreat on Apr. 28, and we hope you can join us next season in the fall!




Circle of Grace 

Circle of Grace is a safe environment program developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha in response to Article 12 of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. It serves the dual purpose of education and forming youth about the value of positive relationships with God and others.

For Circle of Grace Materials, please contact Mary Hamann at

For the Circle of Grace Training Report due mid December, 2021, click here.

Safe Environment/VIRTUS

Our Faith Formation programs offer a safe, structured atmosphere where students learn and thrive.  

For instructions on helping volunteers register for VIRTUS training, click here.

For a copy of the required background check for volunteers, click here.

For more information, visit the Safe Environment website.


First Reconciliation/First Communion

Below are recommended First Reconciliation/First Communion Programs.  An asterisk (*) indicates that we have a copy of the program at the Diocesan office.  Contact Dana Petricka at to request a sample.

Faith and Family Life "Mend"(Reconciliation) and "Nourish" (First Communion) - can be used as a supplemental family component to the parish's programs

The Augustine Institute "Signs of Grace" (First Reconciliation with a family component)

For more ideas, please see our Resources List



Below are recommended Confirmation Programs you may want to explore.  An asterisk (*) indicates that we have a copy of the program at the Diocesan office.  Contact Dana Petricka at to request a sample.

YDisciple "Never Alone - Life with the Holy Spirit" and their companion Bible study on Confirmation (parts of "Never Alone" can also be found on  For the full program, see YDisciple's website.

LifeTeen "Purpose: A Transformative Plan for Confirmation"*

Ascension Press "Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation"*

Faith and Family Life "Zeal" (family approach to Confirmation)

Faith Formation Scholarship

This scholarship program seeks to assist those adults who intend to pursue undergraduate education in Theology or Pastoral Ministry, those already in parish service who desire continuing education, and catechists who desire to be trained in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd but find the cost of training prohibitive. Please find the scholarship brochure.


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