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President, Pacelli Catholic Schools

Pacelli Catholic Schools @ Austin, Minnesota posted on Fri, Jan 31

Apply until: 2020-03-06

Pacelli Catholic Schools President Job Description
Position Title: President, Pacelli Catholic Schools

·       A practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church.

·       At least five years of experience in teaching, administrative, and/or supervisory work at the PK-12 level.

·       An earned superintendent’s certificate from an accredited college or university is preferred.

Reports to: Trustees Diocesan Superintendent of Schools
Supervises: Directly, or indirectly, all employees of the Pacelli Catholic Schools
Position Goal: The President is the chief administrative officer of the Pacelli Catholic Schools (PCS)and functions as the coordinator of the administrative team. The President must be an active, participating Catholic, support the religious and academic components of the mission of the PCS, and promote the Catholic identity of the internal and external community. The President is ultimately responsible for all actions taken and decisions affecting the educational programs of PCS.
Skills Required:

·       Ability to foster and sustain a vision for the future for PCS to reach its mission.

·       Ability to develop and sustain relationships with a variety of community members, including parents, students, staff, donors, clergy, community members, and alumni.

·       General knowledge about the entire education system including curriculum, instruction, and facilities.

·       Above average understanding of fiscal processes/reports which enhance the ability to handle fiscal responsibilities.

·       Knowledge of development to create new institutional resources.

·       Excellent written communication skills.

·       A high level of organization and attention to detail.

·       An understanding of the ministry and mission of PCS.

·       Ability to enthusiastically promote Catholic education to donors, parents, and alumni.

·       Ability to provide leadership to administrators, faculty, staff, board and community members.

Ability to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the system’s mission.

·       Ability to work collaboratively with administrative team, trustees, board members, and the professional support staff.

·       Willingness and ability to work collaboratively by gathering variety of opinions and ideas to discern the best path forward yet being able to make difficult decisions.

Performance Responsibilities:

·       Religious/Pastoral Responsibilities

·       Be a positive Catholic role model for students and staff.

·       Work with the principals and staff to assure the religious formation of staff and students is an integral part of the total educational program.

·       Assure a pastoral presence to PCS staff and families in times of need.

·       Represent PCS as required at community events.

·       Establish and maintain active membership in one of the parishes served by PCS/

·       Work with parishes in recruitment and retention of students to PCS.

·       Relate their own faith knowledge and life experiences to PCS mission and daily professional interactions.

·       Educational Responsibilities

·       Serve as chief administrative officer of the PCS.

·       Serve as the vehicle of communication between the School Board and Development/Foundation Board, administrative and educational staffs, and various educational and community agencies.

·       Work closely with the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools and Diocesan Offices.

·       Implement the policies of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester and the policies of PCS.

·       Possess a working knowledge of and remain in compliance with state and federal mandates pertaining to the operation and accreditation of PCS.

·       Work collaboratively with principles and staff to preserve and insure PCS high academic standards and competencies on standardized assessments.

·       Hire principals.

·       Evaluate principals.

·       Make regular visits to each of the buildings/sites to maintain a presence and support the staff.

·       Review and make final recommendation to the board for hiring of all certified staff.

·       Supervise and monitor the implementation of the PCS long-range plan.

·       Fiscal Responsibilities

·       Implement sound conservative stewardship of the resources entrusted to PCS by donors and member parishes

·       Supervise and oversee the Business Office.

·       Work collaboratively with building principals on hiring of certified staff and non-certified staff.

·       Work collaboratively with the Business Office and Finance Committee in the development of an annual budget.

·       Work with the Building and Grounds Committee in assessing the condition of educational facilities and planning for their maintenance and improvement.

·       Assist the board in establishing the financial priorities of the educational system by providing timely information.

·       Communicate regularly about the finances of the educational system with parishes, parents, and other supporters.

·       Work with the Business Office to insure that adequate financial controls are in place to maintain the system’s financial integrity and solvency.

·       Community Responsibilities

·       Serve as the chief spokesperson for PCS with the media.

·       Represent the total educational program at select civic and diocesan functions.

·       Maintain communication with civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and represent PCS at community and area activities.

·       Attend scheduled meetings and communicate regularly with superintendents of the area public schools.

·       Take a proactive approach to seeking opportunities for PCS students to be involved in the larger community.

·       Development Responsibilities

·       Meet regularly with the Advancement Department to supervise and oversee operations.

·       Assist the Foundation Board, Development Department, and volunteers in soliciting special annual and major gifts of support of the educational system.

·       Assist the Foundation Board and Advancement Department in the design and implementation of plans for development.

·       Provide for and work closely with the alumni/special projects staff.

·       Oversee and support the public relations and recruitment efforts of the educational system through the Marketing Office.

Terms of Employment: Twelve months. Salary to be established by the Trustees of PCS. Benefits are aligned with the Diocesan policies, or as amended. Evaluation: Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Provisions of the Trustees

If you are interested in this job opportunity please contact:  Jean McDermott
                                                                                           311 Fourth Street NW
                                                                                          Austin, Minnesota 55912