Diocese of Winona-Rochester Employment


Maintenance Engineer

St. John Vianney Church @ Fairmont, MN posted on Thu, Jul 21

Apply until: 2022-10-21

The position is responsible for overseeing and providing for general maintenance and operation of the St. John Vianney campus. 

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Being familiar with the condition of all buildings, property, and their mechanical components

· Maintaining boiler certificates of inspection and current operator’s license

· Maintaining boilers, furnaces and A/C units in all buildings

· Providing custodial care to the school

· Snow removal, mowing grass, trimming trees

· Prepare facilities for social events

· Maintaining and operating all mechanical systems such as plumbing, electrical, fire alarm and sound systems

· Maintain cost-effective inventory of supplies for church and school

· Preparing the school building for each new school year with necessary annual maintenance

· Developing and planning for future maintenance needs of grounds and buildings

· Relating to parishioners in a way that is professional, positive, and contributes to parish unity.

· Making safe use of all facilities a priority

This is a full-time position eligible for benefits including insurance, paid time off, and retirement.

To apply send your resume to: Fr. Andrew Beerman, 901 S. Prairie Ave, Fairmont, MN  56031