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Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries

The Sisters of St Francis @ Rochester, MN posted on Tue, May 07

Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries

The Sisters of St Francis are currently seeking a coordinator of Liturgical Ministries to facilitate the congregational liturgical life at Assisi Heights with a ministry focus that reflects the Mission of the Rochester Franciscans.

A bachelor’s degree in theology, liturgy, or sacred music is required as well as experience in Catholic Parish Liturgical Ministries. Qualifications also required: the ability to integrate knowledge of liturgy with musical skills; organizational skills; and ability to provide leadership and approach people in a manner which that creates harmony and promotes cooperation.

Responsibilities include coordinating congregational liturgies and rituals, initiating education for liturgical ministry topics, creating prayer rituals for the Rochester area and fosters free exchange of ideas with the Liturgy Committee and Sisters to evaluate new trends as a means of continuous spiritual renewal.

For consideration send resume and letter of interest to Judy Rud, Director of Human Resources, Assisi Heights, 1001 14th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901 or judyrud@assisiheights.org.