Diocese of Winona-Rochester Employment


Director of Admissions

Rochester Catholic Schools @ Rochester MN posted on Tue, May 21

Apply until: 2024-08-21

Position Description


Position Title:                                    Director of Admissions

Reports to:                                         President

Direct Reports:                                  N/A

Provides work direction to:              Admissions Assistant

Receives work direction from:         President

FLSA:                                                 Exempt

Date:                                                   November 2023

Schedule:                                           12 months, Full Time. The nature of the work and the school’s schedule of activities requires scheduling flexibility, and the incumbent will work with the President to arrange a schedule that meets the needs of both RCS and the individual.

Benefit Eligible:                                Yes




PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The Director of Admissions coordinates and facilitates all admission inquiries and follows the application of a candidate until the student is accepted and enrolled in the school. In collaboration with the Director of Marketing and Communications, he/she oversees the institutional integrity of all publications, related marketing materials, press releases, branding, etc. of the school to prospective families.

The Director of Admissions reports directly to the President. The Director will work closely with shared services including marketing, communications, alumni relations, and business operations. The Director will also be the primary supervisor to the SCRIP specialist.

The Director of Admissions will at minimum be provided a yearly evaluation by the President of the RCS with a report given to the Board by the Board Chairperson. This 360-degree evaluation will be based on the duties and responsibilities listed in this job description.


WORKING IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (*): Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment.  Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the Church.  Their public behavior must not violate the faith, morals or laws of the Church or the Diocese, such that it can embarrass the Church or give rise to scandal.  It is expected that all employees respect Catholic doctrine and religious practices.  It is preferred that this employee be an active, participating Catholic.


  1. To be present, on time and ready for work at all times that the position requires.  Includes recognizing when situations require more efforts, seeking approval to put in more time if needed, satisfying responsibilities in a timely manner, providing an example of punctuality and attendance, and generally ensuring all is ready and taken care of.
  2. Help create a productive environment, where there is harmony, good morale, and cooperative teamwork; evaluate and take corrective action as appropriate. Help to facilitate effective communication between employees and volunteers at the parish.
  3. Perform the job in a manner consistent with moral, ethical, legal, and financial standards of civil and canon law, and Catholic Church teaching.
  4. Maintain professional standards of confidentiality.
  5. Recognize, foster and maintain appropriate boundaries with fellow employees, parishioners, visitors and vendors.
  6. Other responsibilities identified as needed by the employee and approved and/or assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Planning
    1. Each school year, provide measurable and achievable annual goals (3-5) and a five-year vision to the President in the areas of admissions
    2. Plan, select and purchase recruitment, admissions, and enrollment materials
    3. Evaluate all aspects of the admission program in order to increase enrollment
      1. Define market segments for recruitment to RCS
      2. Develop recruiting plans geared toward each of those specific segments
      3. Implement the plans for each segment
      4. Analyze and evaluate the success of those targeted plans
    4. Collaborate with RCS Leadership committees to analyze enrollment data and identify target audiences with the purpose of retaining current families and students
  2. Performing
    1. Understand and communicate the school’s mission and philosophy and programs to interested families
    2. Provide information about the schools and programs/activities to any/all appropriate individuals and institutions
    3. Achieve proficiency with enrollment software and maintain an effective database of prospective students
      1. Maintain orderly records on status of applications, deadlines, follow up schedule, etc.
    4. Organize student/parent tours
    5. Coordinate the selection and training of student ambassadors
    6. Coordinate the selection and training of parent ambassadors
    7. Facilitate interaction between administrators, teachers, parents, students, and their families
    8. Develop marketing/recruitment strategies and outreach to the greater community
    9. Build relationships beyond the school--local parishes, businesses, enrollment personnel from other area schools, public school officials, etc.
    10. Schedule and organize enrollment activities in collaboration with RCS schools
    11. Assist in development of communication and marketing tools for a variety of market segments
    12. Provide families with the necessary information for financial aid and assist them as needed.
    13. Work collaboratively with the Business Office to counsel and advise parents on every aspect of the admissions process, including application requirements, deadlines, academic programs, activities and financial aid
    14. Respond to all inquiries (mail, email, phone or in person) from prospective parents and students regarding admission to RCS
    15. Achieve proficiency in the enrollment software
  3. Evaluating
    1. Recommend changes in procedures and protocols intended to increase effectiveness and efficiencies.
    2. Coordinate re-enrollment process for returning families


    1. Maintain and improve professional competence through staff development activities provided by the parish and self-selected professional growth activities.
    2. Attend all required meetings including department meetings, staff meetings, All-Staff days, staff retreats, trainings, in-services and any other meetings deemed necessary by the President.
    3. Comply with policies and procedures as outlined in the Personnel Policy Handbook.  Assist and support the administration in implementing policies and rules governing employment law practices, conduct and behavior.
    4. Meet all Safe Environment requirements.
    5. Attend required workshops offered by the Diocese as requested. Maintain active membership in appropriate professional associations.


The responsibilities listed are representative of the position and are not all-inclusive. Those noted with an “*” are essential functions of the job.  More detailed listings of the duties and tasks are outlined in supplemental documents.  These supplemental documents would include, but not limited to, policy handbooks, codes of conduct, posted procedures, etc.







To submit an application:
Email the following items to Annemarie Vega at avega@rcsmn.org.

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume reflecting educational and professional background
  • Names and contact information for three professional references (to be contacted only with the applicant’s permission)
  • Include your last name and “Director of Admissions” in the subject line of your email