Equipped for life: A Fresh Approach to Conversations about Abortion

8:30 a

The Equipped for Life event originally scheduled for Feb. 5 has been postponed due to COVID-related restrictions and concerns. We will keep you posted on a future date and location. If you would like to be among the first who are notified, please visit If you have already registered we will be in touch about reimbursements. 



This indispensable and life-changing day of training, provided by National Pro-Life Leader Emily Albrecht through the Equal Rights Institute, will equip you with:

  • A large successfully tested set of practical tools to use in future conversations.
  • Practice conversations to be confidently prepared to engage any pro-choice advocate who defends abortion with arguments based in:
    • difficult circumstances
    • biology
    • personhood
    • bodily autonomy

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Meet Emily!


Emily Albrecht is a speaker, writer, and coach with Equal Rights Institute. She is the former Co-President of Oles for Life at St. Olaf College, where she has worked to transform campus culture using ERI’s apologetics to foster respectful and productive dialogues about abortion. At ERI, she is using her educational background to write, develop curriculum, and teach pro-life advocates how to change minds, save lives, and promote a culture of life in their communities.

Emily is particularly passionate about reaching the youth of the pro-life movement. As a recent college freshman, she understands what it feels like to walk unprepared into a culture that is overwhelmingly pro-choice. Until she found ERI, she was faced daily with challenges to the pro-life position that she didn’t know how to answer, and she was afraid to speak out. She wants to equip pro-life students with the tools to intimately understand and articulate their pro-life convictions in a productive and compassionate manner.

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