Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Level I, Part I Formation Course

6:00 p

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a
Montessori-based religious formation
program for children, beginning at the age
of three. It seeks to create and facilitate a
sacred, “hands-on” space for children called
an atrium, in which both the children and
their catechists can hear, ponder, and
celebrate the most essential mysteries of
the Catholic faith as revealed in the
Scriptures and the Liturgy. Originally
developed in Rome by Sofia Cavalletti and
Gianna Gobbi fifty years ago, the Catechesis
continues to spread world-wide. This
course will ground the participant in the
theory and praxis of CGS while also
concretely preparing him/her to develop
and facilitate an atrium for 3-6 year old

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