Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Evangelization of the Diocese

6:00 p

Everyone in the diocese who is so moved is welcome to join in a monthly day of prayer and fasting for the evangelization of Southern Minnesota. Most of these days are the third Fridays of the month. Our inaugural novena of fasting and prayer days begins March 15.

People are encouraged to fast as they are able and pray for their friends, family, and neighbors in Southern Minnesota, that we all may know the love and power of Jesus Christ.

People near Winona are encouraged and welcomed to come to a Holy Hour on March 15th dedicated to prayer for our friends within Southern Minnesota at the Basilica of St. Stanislaus. The Holy Hour begins at 6pm in the main church.

Evangelization is not a better PR initiative, or putting our hope in a particular program. It is the Lord’s conversion of our hearts, of disciples being willing to reach out, and those without Christ being willing to openly listen to them. It simply does not happen without prayer and fasting. Thank you for making people aware that they could participate in this element of evangelization. There will be more information about this on the Missionary Discipleship website soon.