Retrouvaille weekend

6:30 p

The Retrouvaille weekend will provide a very unique experience individually and as a couple. It is not to be confused with a conference, retreat, counseling session, or seminar. 

Our Retrouvaille ministry will help restore healthy communication, reestablish forgiveness, and trust while acquiring invaluable tools to strengthen your marriage. Your marital problems will not be shared publicly. The weekend presenters consist of three couples and a priest. Each have experienced pain, conflict, disillusionment in their lives and marriages, thus you are not alone in your struggle. 

Each couple* is asked to pay a registration fee to confirm your attendance (includes meals and lodging). On the weekend, you will be asked to make a one-time additional donation that covers all of the expenses incurred. 

*If you are experiencing financial hardship, you will not be turned away from the opportunity to help heal your marriage.

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