Women's Conference - “Transforming Culture to Support Life—The Unique Gift of Womanhood”

9:00 a

Main Speaker:  Leah Jacobson - Founder of the Guiding Star Project, a national chain of wholistic, life-affirming health centers for women. 

Worship Leader: Jessy Kaufman 

Speakers on Pregnancy & Infant Loss: Heidi Indahl & Allison Hesse 

Emcee: Theresa Martin

PLEASE NOTE: This year's venue is NOT handicapped accessible.  Please contact Peter Martin (507) 858-1273 for details.


9:00-9:30am- Registration, Socializing, Gathering

9:30-9:50am- Opening Prayer and Introduction

10:00-10:45am- Main talk- On the Gift of Womanhood to Support Life 

10:45-11:15am- Q&A from talk

11:15-11:45am- Break, Vendor Time, Socializing

11:45-12:45pm- Lunch

1:00-2:00pm- Adoration and Confessions with Reflection and Praise & Worship

2:15-2:45pm- Personal Story/Recollection

2:45-3:00pm- Resources/Support

3:00-3:30pm- Vendors and Socializing with light snack

3:30-4:15pm- Praise & Worship with Divine Mercy Chaplet 

4:30-6:00pm- Vigil Mass

Registration is now closed.  We're accepting walk-ins* and would love to see you!!  It's going to be an amazing day!!

*We cannot guarantee that there will be enough lunch for all the walk-ins.