Safe Haven Sunday

4:00 p

Equipping the Family: Having Critical Conversations

The constant flood of influence that comes through the internet and social media in all of its various forms, along with social pressures from peers, make it difficult for children to live virtuous and holy lives. In this digital age, it’s not a matter of if your child will see something inappropriate online. It’s a matter of when.
Parents have the biggest influence on their kids’ behaviors—more than their friends, school, or parish church. It’s time to put that influence to use and have much needed conversations with your children.

Learn more about how to talk to your kids about internet dangers by reading Covenant Eyes’ most recent book, Confident: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure (provided in the back of church on Safe Haven Sunday). Then, join a free seven-day text-to-opt-in program that provides vital practical tips any caring adult can take to create safer digital environments for themselves and young people. Text SECURE to 66866 to begin receiving guidance today!

You can also learn more about how to make your home a Safe Haven by visiting our website: