COVID-19 Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

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March 24, 2020

What should be done about those who were preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil?

Those who were preparing to be baptized or received into full communion with the Church should first contact their pastor and / or RCIA Coordinator, who are receiving instructions on how they might accommodate the elect and candidates this year. For further questions, parish staff can contact the diocesan Office of Divine Worship (Fr. Patrick Arens: or Office of RCIA (Todd Graff:; Camille Withrow:

Should we plan to reschedule First Communion?

Yes, most parishes have First Communions scheduled for the end of April or beginning of May. Even if yours is scheduled to take place a little later, it seems best to delay.

What will happen to the diaconal ordination on May 2?

Unfortunately, due to restrictions on large gatherings, this, too, will be rescheduled. A celebration of this magnitude should not be celebrated privately, but should be celebrated joyfully with the people of the Diocese.

My daughter is turning 15 this year and is looking forward to her Quinceanera; what do I do?  

While a private blessing with immediate family may take place, the full celebration and reception should be delayed until such time as seems prudent.

March 20, 2020

Can I offer sacramentals to parishioners?

Absolutely – yes!

What do you mean by “Sacramentals?”

Sacramentals are spiritual items or prayers that are not considered one of the Sacraments, such as holy water, blessed candles, rosaries, scapulars, stations of the cross, etc.   

But I thought holy water fonts were supposed to be emptied?

While holy water fonts may be covered or emptied to limit the spread of COVID-19, holy water may be made available in other ways, such as pre-filled bottles or having a single basin that can be sanitized regularly.

Will Bishop Quinn come to our parish for Confirmation?

All Confirmations before May 15 will be rescheduled, and later Spring Confirmations should be prepared to reschedule.

The statement references “immediate family.” Who is that?

Immediate family would consist of parents, spouses, siblings, and children. Please keep in mind the CDC recommendations on the size of gatherings.

If a loved one passes away, what should I do?

Funerals may still be celebrated, but with limited attendance. A visitation may take place later, or you may choose to delay the funeral and have a Memorial Mass at a later date. Even without a funeral, a graveside service may take place. At this time, obituaries should not include the date and time of the funeral.