Thank you for sponsoring the Mass on Sunday mornings as I can't always get to church on Sunday. This is so beautiful and done so sincere and special for us in our homes. I really appreciate it and feel so happy and content afterwards.

Carol from Saint Peter, MN


We send our thanks and appreciation for the beautiful Masses and homilies. May our Lord bless each one for your kindness and generous spirit!

Anthony & Mary Jo from Cresco, IA





I really appreciate it - a lovely Mass in beautiful churches...wonderful homilies and there's enough spiritual value to carry me through the week. I'm enclosing a gift in thanksgiving and I hope you can continue this work of the Lord.

Josephine from Arcadia, WI


I'm enclosing a check for the TV Mass which we love.

Alfred & Cathryn from Lake Crystal, MN


So happy we are able to watch and be part of Sunday TV Mass.

Kenneth & Shirley from Austin, MN