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FIRE Meetings


The mission of FIRE is to promote collaboration and offer support to the faith formation and youth ministry coordinators in our diocese.  All faith formation and youth ministry coordinators and their volunteer leaders are welcome to attend.  Please see our 2021 Meeting Schedule for more information.

FIRE Meeting Archives

See below for a list of recent FIRE Meeting topics and handouts.


Sep. 9, 2021:  Missionary Discipleship and the Eucharist, Ministry Post (and during) COVID

At this FIRE Meeting, we discussed the need to use COVID-19 to our advantage and look at ways we can better walk with our youth, parents, catechists, and families to become intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.  The below documents can help us identify where we are at in our relationship with Jesus Christ and therefore walk with others to meet them where they are and lead them closer to Christ.  As coordinators, our primary responsibility is to walk with our catechists so they can walk with their youth and families they are ministering to.

5 Thresholds of Conversion: A working document to help leaders identify different stages of conversion in people's lives and adapt methods of ministry to meet the needs of youth and families at various levels of conversion.

7 Characteristics of a Disciple: A working document to help leaders identify where they are at and where they want to go in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Disciplines of a Disciple Guide: A universal document to outline common habits of an intentional disciple.


Oct. 14, 2021: The Family as Primary Catechists, Connecting Parish Ministry to Schools

In our morning session, Fr. The Hoang presented on the pillars of Family Ministry based on Pope John Paul II's Letter to Families.  In the afternoon session, Sr. Strength of Martyrs presented St. John Bosco's creation of oratories for the young boys he was working, focusing on the preventative method of correction, developing a relationship with the youth and calling them to set high standards for themselves.

Below you will find documents to further the discussion on connecting parishes ministry to schools and fostering an environment based on relationship in faith formation settings.

Connecting Parishes to School: A questionnaire to help evaluate your parishes connection to schools.

Getting to Know You: A sample document that can help catechists get to know their students.