Court Personnel


Office Staff

The Very Rev. William Thompson, JCL     Judicial Vicar

The Judicial Vicar is a priest who has a licentiate in canon law who is appointed by the diocesan bishop to preside over the Tribunal.

        Moderator of the Tribunal / Judge

The Moderator of the Tribunal has a licentiate in canon law and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Tribunal. She is available to answer questions about specific cases or the marriage nullity process in general.

Mrs. Julie Wright         Notary                              

The official responsibility of the notary is to authenticate documents in nullity cases. Additional responsibilities include transcribing depositions, assisting the judges with oversight of the nullity process, diligently maintaining marriage files and the appointment of Advocates for the Petitioner and Respondent.



Judges are appointed by the Bishop of Winona to serve on a Collegiate Court of Three Judges for marriage nullity cases.

Very Rev. William Thompson, JCL
Msgr. Paul Heiting, JCL
Rev. Glenn K. Frerichs, JCL

Other Officials

Defender of the Bond is a canon lawyer appointed by the diocesan bishop to protect the sacrament of marriage. A Defender of the Bond is appointed to each marriage nullity case to ensure the protection of rights and present argumentation for the validity of the marriage.

Rev. Timothy Ferguson, JCL
Ms. Theresa Wyburn, JCL
Rev. John Griffiths, JCD

Promoter of Justice

Rev. Timothy Ferguson, JCL