Synod Updates

Resources for Parishes and Schools:


Synod Preparation

An introduction to the Synod with Fr. Thompson.


Further Suggested resources:

About the Synod:

Homily: Pope Francis, "The Opening of the Synodal Path," Holy Mass opening the Synod, Oct 10 2021.

Article: "Vatican releases Synod on Synodality Preparatory Documents," Catholic News Agency. Overview of the synod, including links to the Preparatory Document and the Handbook for Diocesan Implementation (Vadamecum):

Synodal Letter on Prayer: "Prayer as essential to Synodality and this Synod" (although written to nuns and monks, a good exploration on the necessity of prayer in a synodal process):

On Synodality:


National Catholic Register:

National Catholic Reporter:

Crux News:

Listening to the Holy Spirit:

Article: Fr. Dick Hauser, S.J. "Discernment of the Holy Spirit,"

Article: Becky Eldridge, "Following the Spirit's lead in communal discernment," Press,

Book: Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV, The Discernment of Spirits: An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living. (Crossroad Publishing, 2012)

Book: Fr. Jacques Philippe, In the School of the Holy Spirit. (Scepter Publishing, 2010)

Listening to each other: 

Article: "Hospitable listening can lead us into the future." Although this is a blog post for the Alpha course (an ecumenical evangelization outreach) it makes many good points about the holy power of listening to each other, and basic theological implications.

Video: Active listening in small groups. Two minute video by City on a Hill media on how to listen actively in a small group setting (look at the speaker; don't interrupt; seek to understand/not judge; follow up if the speaker isn't clear).

Listening to the those in marginalized groups:

Article: "Church needs to hear God speaking through those who are hurting, Pope says." This article breaks down one of the prominent themes of the Synod documents: an effort to reach out and listen to those who often do not have a voice in Church or society.