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Lincoln 403b Information and Resources

Actively planning for retirement is an important step in achieving a financially secure future.   The DOW-R Benefits Committee, assisted by an independent consultant, performed an extensive review of the 403(b) annuity based plan available via the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. We are pleased to announce that we enhanced our retirement plan by changing our 403(b) offering to a mutual fund based plan with our provider, Lincoln Financial Group. The name of the new plan is the Lincoln Alliance┬« Program; the change was implemented April 1, 2010.

Information about the Lincoln Alliance Program

A retirement calculator can be found at:


Lincoln Financial Group


Lincoln Retirement Plan Services Customer Contact Center is staffed from 7 am to 7 pm CT Monday - Friday and can assist 403(b) particpants about their account or assist them with transactions by calling:


or online at

Participants in the Diocese of Winona lay retirement plan have a dedicated retirement consultant, James Schugel.

James Schugel

Retirement Consultant


Phone: 612-257-0347 Mobile


Employee Benefits Guide

This document is an outline of the procedures and forms that need to be completed when hiring new employees, when employees are terminating, or when an employee is making changes in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester benefit programs. Enrollment/termination/changes for each benefit program are summarized separately, and the corresponding forms to use are located with each section.  Copies can and should be made for your use.

Please Note: Upon hiring new employees and upon employees terminating, it is necessary to notify the Employee Benefits Coordinator at the Diocese of Winona-Rochester within 5 days of such event.  Notification forms (available via the links below) should be completed as soon as you aware of a new hire or a termination.  It is not necessary for you to submit the enrollment forms or the termination forms at the same time that you are submitting the notification forms.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Diocese of Winona-Rochester Employee Benefits Coordinator, Julia Sandsness, at 507.858.1268 or

Dave Fricke

Director of Human Resources

55 W. Sanborn Street
PO Box 588
Winona, MN 55987
Phone number: 507-454-4643 x250


Julia Sandsness

Employee Benefits Coordinator

55 W. Sanborn Street
PO Box 588
Winona, MN 55987
Phone number: 507-454-4643 x268