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Resources for Fall 2021

Promote and join the Encountering Jesus: the 30 Day Prayer Challenge. Do you want your parish to become a "school of prayer"? Do you want your 2021 to be better than your 2020? Then rest on God's promises to those who reach out to Christ in prayer, and join us in this 30-day daily prayer challenge. Encourage your parish, family and/or friends to pray through the Gospel of Luke in one month through 15 minutes daily of Lectio Divina (sacred reading). This free 12-page booklet challenges you and shows you how to pray through lectio, and gives you daily scripture prompts and space for short prayers each day. There are also weekly reflection challenges. 

Feel free to download, print en masse, and give away to your parish as Christmas gift, mailing, New Year's Resolution gift, small faith sharing group challenge, and more. There are two booklets: the same inside, but one has a black and white cover and the other a color cover. The pastoral center does have free printed copies of the black and white cover booklet for parishes taking this challenge: first come, first served.

Alpha trainings online:  Alpha is a process focused on inviting people who have been long away--or have never been--practicing Christian faith. It offers deep hospitality with presentation on basic life questions, gospel responses, conversation, and prayer. There are many ways to learn how to run Alpha in your parish or town.

  • Run Alpha - August 12th & 21st:  Learn how to provide a great Alpha experience for your guests online or in person!  We'll cover Alpha best practices, how to run a great small group, prayer ministry and so much more.
  • Alpha Connect - July 29th:  Are you a seasoned Alpha leader looking to grow your Alpha?  Join leaders from across the US as we share experiences and learn from each other.  This month's discussion will be focused on how to plan in person, online and hybrid Alphas during these uncertain times.
  • Transforming Lives - Your Alpha Prayer Experience - August 25th:  Hosted by Alpha New England, this online training is available to everyone!  Join Global Director of Prayer, Angela Chadwick, to hear practical tips for prayer ministry and to be led in prayer.
  • Host, Helper & Hospitality Training - August 26th:  Great hosts and helpers are the key to providing a great Alpha experience!  Invite your team and learn together how to create an atmosphere of incredible hospitality for every Alpha guest you encounter.

And if you want to learn more about Alpha in a Catholic Context: go here. The trainings above are ecumenical.

ChristLife training materials:

  • The diocese just invested in purchasing the booklet and DVD set for training a parish team in offering "Discovering Christ," the first course in ChristLife, a Catholic adaptation of Alpha that comes from the Archdiocese of Baltimore. It will be in our media center early next week. If you are interested in checking it out, please contact Camille Withrow at cwithrow@dowr.org . You can learn more about ChristLife here, and preview some of their materials: https://christlife.org/ . Susan Windley-Daoust (swindley@dowr.org) would also be happy to talk to you about how it is used and pros and cons.

Discipleship Quads

If you are interested in piloting a faith sharing small group that focuses on deepening discipleship and sharing the gospel with others through spiritual multiplication, you should look at Discipleship Quads. Check their website with all the materials.

View this Discipleship Quads information session held Sept 9th (20-minutes explanation, 20-minute Q and A):

      Topic:  Discipleship Quads info session        Start Time:  Sep 9, 2021 06:49 PM

       Meeting Recording:  https://vimeo.com/610820089

Catholic in Recovery:

  • We are looking to open more Catholic in Recovery (CiR) groups across the diocese! If you are in 12-step recovery (from any addiction) and interested in offering CiR in your town or parish, please contact me for information. There is also a need for creating Family and Friends support groups (think Al-Anon for Catholics). You can learn more about this movement, which is meant to work in tandem with a variety of 12 step groups, at https://catholicinrecovery.com/ .

Life in the Spirit seminar:

  • Interested in running a Life in the Spirit seminar? Contact our moderator for Catholic charismatic renewal, Dcn. John Hust, at jhust@dowr.org .

Saint Paul Street Evangelization:

  • Interested in learning more about starting a chapter of this non-confrontational, peaceful willingness to share that God is good? The training alone prepares you for conversations with friends, family, co-workers...and the outings don't have to be on a street! Think farmer's markets, big box store parking lots, football games, etc. You can request more information from our regional missionary, Deb McManimon, at deb@stpaulse.com .

Catholic Evangelization Outreach:

  • Interested in teaching people how to offer witness to God's presence in their lives? and give them a platform to share with many? Catholic Evangelization Outreach is doing just that, and we've benefited from a chapter at Church of the Resurrection before the pandemic. Learn more about starting your own chapter here: http://crceo.info/