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Joining in God's Story

September 9-10, 2023  |  Shalom Hill Farm Retreat Center  |  Rural Windom

All adults are welcome to this prayer retreat for renewing and deepening our Christian walk. The focus of this retreat is learning and practicing Ignatian contemplation—and if you know what that is and pray this way all the time, you are welcome! But you are also welcome if it is entirely new to you. St. Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuit order) offered this form of prayer in his Spiritual Exercises, and it focuses on reading and entering into Scripture imaginatively. The Lord does communicate through your mind and imagination if you dedicate it to prayer. Fr. Jonathan Fasnacht and Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust will be co-leading this retreat.

We will teach how to do this, give a lot of time for practice, and offer Mass on Sunday. This is a semi-silent retreat.

We are considering offering two additional Ignatian retreats with the hope of offering a week long Spiritual Exercises retreat in the future. Ignatian contemplation is one of the tools for the Spiritual Exercises, but it is a powerful prayer practice for every day.


Retreat Details:


Start: Saturday, September 9, 10am (come to settle in at 9am).

End: Sunday, September 10, 2:30pm.

Shalom Hill Farm retreat center, rural Windom

Meals included (lunch, supper, brunch, snack)

$85 with room | $40 commuter

Interested in camping?—contact Susan at swindley@dowr.org

PLEASE NOTE: Shalom Hill has limited handicapped accessibility. Please contact me for details.



Please contact SUSAN WINDLEY-DAOUST DIRECTLY at SWINDLEY@DOWR.ORG to be on a waitlist.